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I think a lot of the nba18mt
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Dołączył: 03 Lip 2017
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Wysłany: 2017-07-03, 08:31   I think a lot of the nba18mt  

Still, there were too many times where he was taken out of games by physical defense. Many pundits used these opportunities to NBA Live Mobile Coins criticize Westbrook for not getting Durant the ball, but the reality is Durant himself is as much to blame as anyone.

He didn't always do a great job using screens to get open. Whereas guys like Ray Allen are so good at setting up their defenders so they don't know which way he is going, Durant's off-ball movement was often so obvious that perimeter defenders easily anticipated where he would go.

Durant never kept defenders off-balanced by faking one way or occasionally flaring to the corner, and that forced him to catch the cheap NBA Live Coins ball in poor scoring positions, if at all.During the offseason, Durant must become stronger, and he must study guys like Allen and Rip Hamilton to see what they do to shed defenders. With his size, Durant should be catching the ball closer to the basket, and not beyond the three-point line.

Because of his length, it's difficult for Durant to drive by players that can key on his dribbling and strip the ball. If he can get strong enough to catch the ball closer to the basket, whether it's off a curl or even in the post, he will become even more of a potent scorer than he already is.And that's a scary thought for the league.Russell Westbrook needs to work on lead passesWestbrook is a phenomenal talent, but the playoffs showed that he needs to develop better passing instincts.

I think a lot of the nba18mt criticism he got was unfair, but he does need to improve his ability to lead his receiver with his passes. Too often, he delivered players the ball after they had reached their destination instead of while they are moving, which killed the flow of the play. Westbrook also needs to work on rotating the ball and not forcing shots, something that became obvious as the playoffs continued.
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