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MONTEVIDEO Cheap Greg Bird Jersey , March 31 (Xinhua) -- Uruguay's Football Association (AUF) President Sebastian Bauza quit his job Monday in the wake of criticism sparked by violent stadium brawls that have left scores of fans and police injured.

The clashes even led Uruguayan President Jose Mujica Friday to call on the sport's leaders to try to curb the fighting.

""Football needs decision making and the current political and institutional state of things won't allow it,"" Bauza wrote in a letter resigning his post as head of the executive council.

The pressure on Bauza had been mounting for some time, even before Mujica last week ordered police not to provide security at two top stadiums, leading to the cancellation of a match between leading team Penarol and Miramar.

On Feb. 17 Cheap Todd Frazier Jersey , first and second divisions teams handed Bauza a no- confidence vote due to another matter. He had failed to back their legal suit against the South American Football Confederation ( Conmebol), alleging a lack of transparency in the way the regional body granted television broadcasting rights of the Libertadores Cup.

Bauza, who took over the AUF in 2009, wrote that the recent events ""demonstrate the need to step aside and allow (others) to bring governability to football.""

Under his leadership Cheap Gary Sanchez Jersey , Uruguay's national team, which will be playing in the 2014 Brazil World Cup, ranked fourth at the 2010 South African games and won the America Cup in Argentina in 2011.


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